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Phone 941-361-6200

If you have any concerns or questions call me at school during my planning time, 361-6200. Often I am out, so leave a voice-mail. I return phone calls promptly. You can always reach me at my e-mail address: or



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This website was designed and coded by Mark Cain (Mrs. Cain's husband). If you wish to contact Mark or you see something that needs to be fixed, please email Mark at

This site is dynamic -- meaning each page is "assembled" on the fly as you request it. This allows for uniformity in appearance and experience, simplicity, and data integrity throughout.

For those who may be interested this site in its entirety is hand coded. Every tag and text from the HTML, to the javascript, to the php, to the Cascading Style Sheets, to the MySQL backend, to the dynamic SQL to PDF conversion was done in Notepad.


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