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  Welcome to Mrs. Cain's 5th Grade Classroom Website. If your child attends Fruitville Elementary School and is in the fifth grade, you may be in the right place. If your child has Mrs. Cain for a teacher, you are definitely in the right place. Thanks for visiting.

Let me tell you just a little about myself. I am originally from Kentucky and moved to Florida with my husband and 4 children in 1995. This will be my eighth year to teach at Fruitville. If you need to contact me about your child, please don't hesitate. I am always ready to discuss your child's education.

I hope to use this web site to help with some of the homework and classroom communications. On the right side of the website you will find links to School-Wide Resources at Fruitville Elementary. On the left side of the website you will find links to resources we use in our classroom.

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